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Crazy Cakes and Donuts Petone and Wellington NEw Zealand

The Crazy Cakes and Donuts Story

I AM LOKAL Immersion with Crazy Cakes and Donuts

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The Baylands Brewery Story - Aidan Styles - Petone Craft Independent

The Baylands Brewery Story

LOKAL INSIDER Immersion with Baylands Brewery, Petone Craft Independent

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Seconds to Commercials

Need More Engaging Stories? – Let’s Doodle It Out!

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Website Redesign and Chatbot Integration

Cubweb provided and introduced us with the features that we wanted on our website like chatbot and online shop.  Lloyd really worked well with us and understood our concerns and provided us with solutions that match our business needs.

Cubweb helped us improve the visuals by creating the interface smooth and easy for navigation. Our website is now easy to manage and looks great both on mobile devices and desktop computers, making them user-friendly for us business owners, staff and potential candidates and employers.

We are very glad about the outcome of the website. It has a new look that really reflects our Astra Healthcare company and conveys the messages effectively to engage and captivate the attention of our web visitors.

Geline, Director of Astra Healthcare

Video and Social Media Marketing

“It’s a really good experience. When I saw the video was being posted on the Facebook page being broadcasted there, and I saw myself telling all my experiences… You know, it’s professionally done

In New Zealand, it’s very hard to get 7600 views, I was surprised to do 7600 views. It’s really amazing. It’s very nice, and I’m so thankful. This is a very good tool to improve your business.

It’s good marketing. We have a lot of group bookings for doughnuts every week. We are just like bombarded with big orders.

I highly recommend doing the same because it really helps your business.”

Arnold Malata

Arnold, Owner of Crazy Cakes and Donuts

0800 114 808

The popularity of the video and stuff has boosted up the profile. I had a lot of engagement and obviously, I had people coming into the shop the following day straight away, you know saying they have seen the video.

It’s actually really good, I definitely would recommend it to other places to do as well. The end return is great because you are engaging with your customers… you can actually grab their attention for 30 seconds or 15 minutes. You know it’s great, to be able to do that. Yeah, absolutely.


Aidan, Owner of Baylands Brewery

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