10 Ways on How To Improve Your SEO

Here are the 10 Ways on How To Improve Your SEO. Here is a list of things you must take a look and fix to improve your SEO.

10 Ways on How To Improve Your SEO

1. Improve your website page load speed

Nothing frustrates a user than having a slow page load speed. Search engines have mechanisms to measure your website page load speed. If your site is loading slow, your site will not going to be ranked by search engines. Page speed is very critical in SEO. To know your website’s page speed, there are available tools that you can use that are free. Here are the 3 main FREE sites you can use right now.



Google Page Speed Insights

On the average, website should load within 3 seconds or your visitors will leave your site. Keep in mind that the said tools are reference only. The result may vary depending on a lot of factors as well like the distance of your server to the user or how busy the network is during the time you tested your site speed.

2. Link your site to other websites with relevant content


3. Write content that is human friendly and then optimise for SEO consumption


4. Improve your backlinks by requesting other sites to link to your website


5. Use analytics to track how your site is improving


6. Optimise your on-page SEO by writing relevant meta descriptions


7. Make sure to use relevant and meaningful URLs


8. Leverage on social signals


9. Name your images with the right keywords


10. Publish consistently



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