9 Powerful Tips To Getting Your Business Website

9 Powerful Tips To Getting Your Business Website

9 Powerful Tips To Getting Your Business Website. Have you started to feel that your business is lagging behind the world? Not just with your growth but you are noticing a huge decrease with customers?

Let’s face the fact that people’s buying habits have changed a lot over the years and many are now using mobile devices. What this means is that traditional marketing no longer works and business owners need to think of changing the strategy to capture the attention of customers.

Let’s say you traveled to a nearby city (you are not familiar with) and you would like to find a better place to stay or a great restaurant to dine in. Are you going to talk to individuals you just come by asking about the place or maybe you will do your planning ahead and research the place you will go.

Here’s the thing, you have 2 choices either you ask someone to give you an idea about the place or you check the internet right? And it sounds like you will be using search engines looking for local businesses? Getting the point?

Going back to the main topic. On this day, your website now becomes your business card. It is critical to say that having a website for your business has become crucial to be successful. It means people can interact with your business 24/7 without the need for you to be around. 

business online in a way that suits them, at a time that suits them. To mention, if you are utilizing the best marketing tools, your reach will increase substantially.

Ready to take action?

Here is a simple guide that will give you an idea and understanding of what to consider when getting a website for your business.

1. Set Your Goals

Nothing better to explain this. This is the most important thing you need to do as a business owner. Writing down goals will help you visualise how you want to see your business tomorrow, next week, next month, next year, next 5 years. And so on. Let’s say, you want to grow your business by finding new customers. Increasing your repeat business, getting more leads and converting them to sales, expanding your reach, telling your customers about your new product, increase revenue, etc.

2. Your Brand

It is true that you can sell products without brand. The lack of a brand won’t stop you from selling but it would be great to start thinking about what identity you want your customers to associate you with. This branding will also be aligned with your domain name (next item below). 

It is not required to identify the details yet i.e. what color scheme or logo would you like as you can finalise this during your website requirements and design phases. 

3. Domain Name

Like I just mentioned, this will also need to align with your branding. This is the yourbrand.com name of your business. Though I saw some businesses and companies with domain names not associated with branding but will be good if this is taken into account. Keep in mind that the domain name is is an annual service. If you have a global brand, it is highly recommended to use a .com domain while if it is local, you may just use the local domain. I.e. .co.nz, .nz. You may opt to cancel but this is non-refundable and cannot be changed (ICANN policy). *ICANN is the organization responsible for managing the distribution of domain names. Check this link to know more about How To Pick The Right Domain

4. Your Website

Your website is a reflection of what products or services you are offering. The following should be taken into consideration for your website.

You can either do it yourself or hire a professional web designer and developer. I will discuss this topic separately to give more context about the pros and cons of both options.

What else you need to have a business website?

5. Hosting

Similar to domain name, investment for this is recurring on an annual basis. Quality of services provided by providers may vary. It is strongly suggested that you do your due diligence before getting this service. Hosting is needed for your website. This is where all your website files like images, content and similar will be contained.

6. Content

This is the information such as the images, product descriptions and similar that your customers will see on your website. Make sure that you follow the copyright guidelines when putting in content for your website.

7. Design

It is important that when making your website design is user friendly. It should also be mobile friendly as most users are now using their mobile devices to search the internet. 

8. Business Email

This is your business email. This is not your @gmail.com or @yahoo.com. This will be your [email protected] email. Why will you use this? This will give you the identity as a business person and would not want to give your customers the impression of not being professional.

9. Social Media

If you are setting up your website during pre-2013, it is ok not to include your social presence and your business will thrive by just the website alone.  the game has changed and your customers are now congregating in different groups so you will need to show up where they are congregating to remind them that your business exists. 


Today’s technology has made it a bit more challenging to capture the attention of people. Your ability to adapt to the changing needs of your customers will surely help you in growing your business and reaching out to more customers.

Having a website for your business is just the first step if you really want to establish a good business reputation. Of course, apart from good products and services you provide, you will need to establish a digital footprint for this. 

You may say you already have a social media page so why bother getting a website for your business. 

Your website is the hub of all your digital presence from your emails to google searches to social media. And these platforms serve different purposes to attain success. And at the end of the day, it will only take a decision of you are moving forward or not and the choice is your. 🙂

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