6 Tips To Increase Your Website Traffic In 2020

6 Tips To Increase Your Website Traffic In 2020

Website visitors are what drives an internet site – from search results to sales to profit. Here are the 6 Tips To Increase Your Website Traffic In 2020.

A website that is not converting to sales, on a business perspective is a liability. To be able to make sales to your website, you first need to drive traffic to it so that your customers can learn about your business and your products. This article is focused on the different strategies to drive traffic to your sites. Here is Wikipedia’s definition of web traffic.

Here are the following key strategies that we will be focusing on to get the best traffic to your website.

1. Search Engine Optimisation

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This is one of the best approaches to get consistent traffic on a long term perspective. Ranking your site in search engines will generate traffic to your site. In order to utilise this approach, you will need to consistently write content for your website that people are looking for and you should be using the right keywords. Your website must be fully optimised for search. The following are the key strategies to optimise your site.

  • Improve your website page load speed
  • Link your site to other websites with relevant content
  • Write content that is human friendly and then optimise for SEO consumption
  • Improve your backlinks by requesting other sites to link to your website
  • Use analytics to track how your site is improving
  • Optimise your on-page SEO by writing relevant meta descriptions
  • Make sure to use relevant and meaningful URLs
  • Leverage on social signals
  • Name your images with the right keywords
  • Publish consistently

2. Pay Per Click or Paid Searches

PAy Per Click CUBWEB

Paid searches for your website is like having an SEO on steroids. You do not have to wait for months in order to get results for your organic searches. Depending on your budget, your page can start ranking on search engines. Keep in mind that since this is a paid traffic and you are buying keyword searches you will need to make sure you are utilising the power of this strategy well. Not only this will save you money but also time and effort. The following are the key components to

  • Study your keywords
  • Spy on your competitor keywords and how they relate to your brand
  • Use tools such as keyword checker
  • Make sure to structure your keywords
  • Don’t forget your negative keywords
  • How much is your budget
  • Don’t neglect that ad copy – make it enticing
  • Get a clear call to action
  • Make your landing page appealing – Make sure there are no dead links
  • Your site should be conversion focus

3. Social Media

Get Noticed on Social Media

Social media is another way to boost your website traffic. Using this platform can be challenging as you are driving people away from what they are doing to your site. Once you succeed, you can be on your way to more sales. The following are the fundamentals in using social media as your traffic source.

  • Engage with your audience
  • Use images that will interrupt them from what they are doing
  • Create the right content
  • Track your visitors
  • Install social media sharing plugin to your site
  • Don’t be a trigger happy when posting
  • Ask people to share your content

4. Content Marketing

Market your products with great content

Content marketing is a very powerful tool and you need to make sure that your audience is getting the right information as they are expecting when they are searching for information on the web. Here are some tips to great content.

  • Brainstorm your audience demographics
  • Make your customer avatar
  • Create a targeted content for your audience
  • Build targeted landing pages
  • Give, give, give what your customers want… I can’t stress this out more
  • Your content should be based on facts
  • Run tests on your content
  • Your content should speak your customer’s language
  • Improve your content when necessary
  • Analyse your outcome
  • Leverage the power of local
  • Use emotional keywords in headlines
  • Quality is king
  • Engage your audience more using video

5. Email Marketing

Marketing through email effectively CUBWEB

If you think email marketing is dead… You might want to consider tapping this realm of marketing again. The list you have is your best asset for your business. This traffic is the one you can control and people on your list already know your brand and trust you. Here are some key things you need to be aware of when tapping this approach.

  • When sending marketing emails, always remember you are visiting their mailbox so be mindful of your communications
  • Give your audience great content, don’t just sell and sell and sell… or else they will unsubscribe to your list
  • Segmentation rules! make sure you segment your audience as audiences have different needs
  • Understand your analytics. Yes, that’s correct you need to know which content you sent out engages best and duplicate.
  • Know how much you should be earning per subscriber. On average you should be earning $1 per audience.

6. Organic Reach, the old fashioned way

Talk to your friends organic reaching out

Organic reach can be utilised using all the strategies mentioned, you just need to ask your audience to share your content with their friends who they think will benefit from your content.

  • Talk to your audience and ask to share your content
  • Let your family share your content
  • Ask your friends to share your content
  • I can emphasize this more… All you have to do is ask the old fashioned way.


Gaining traction to your website traffic looks simple but if done right would make your life easier. There is no right and wrong formula for you to be successful because this will depend on where your audience is and once you know where they are you can start sharing your content with them.