Why A Business Website?

A business website is one of your main weapons to survive in digital warfare. You might be wondering how a website can benefit your business over a word of mouth referrals.

Though nothing can beat organic reach through word of mouth when we talk about reliability and trust as most work will be coming from referrals i.e a friend referring your services or products — hands down!

But reality check will let you know that scaling a business has become more difficult, especially if your business has no online presence that you can leverage. The battlefield has changed and your audience has shifted to mobile devices. Even your valued clients — the ever-loyal ones are now using the internet… Most likely you are too!

How to catch your customer’s attention via digital means is a separate topic so we will just stick to the below benefits of having a website for your business.

Your Business’ digital hub

Why a website is a hub. The digital presence today is no longer just about websites… It has expanded to social media, emails, analytics, etc. The good this is that you can link all of these back to your website.

Your business email is tied up to your domain for your website as your social points you back to your website.


Websites are cost-effective. People can shop from your site 24/7. As long as your website is optimized well to guide your customers through your sales funnel. If you have a brick and mortar shop, you won’t run it 24/7 right? Your operational cost will blow up that way. Unless of course, your shop is a convenience store…

Low-cost advertising

Digital advertising is cheaper than traditional advertising such as billboards, TV ads, etc. You can target a specific audience with digital marketing which is more effective than billboard ads making this easier for you to acquire a customer.

Convenience and Accessibility

Your website can be accessed anywhere in the world… as long as the user has internet connections and knows your website link you can make business with anyone who wants your product.


If you are providing good service to your customers who in return can give your shop good feedback. They can even refer you to friends — which your business can grow organically as well.

How you implement security with your online business will also tell your customers that you are serious about your business.


You can accept payments online anywhere around the world. Just make sure you will partner with a good payment gateway so your customer information can be secured well.


Chat apps and bots make it easier for you to interact with your customers. This gives you and your customers communicate faster and more efficiently. If you have international customers, it’s easier for them to contact you through chat rather than making a phone call right?

A lot of businesses are still not buying the benefits of websites for their businesses. This is totally understandable as digital presence is an investment. We just need to provide more clarity to business owners about how they can benefit from having an online presence.